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The Role of Cancer Charities in Breast Cancer Prevention in Iran


Background: Cancer is an important public health problem, and its burden is increasing globally, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) alongside the government could address health issues based on their goals. We studied activities of the cancer NGOs related to breast cancer (BC) prevention in Iran.  Methods: We studied the BC prevention programs conducted by Iranian cancer NGOs and collected their data and information regarding BC awareness and screening.  We reviewed the objectives of the cancer charities who were members of the "Iran Cancer National Network of NGOs and Charities (ICNNC)".  Results: Overall, 43 charities were an active member of the ICCNNC and were engaged in 6 areas, including 1) financial and non-financial supports, 2) providing medical services, 3) providing accommodation to companions of the patients traveling from other cities, 4) supplying infrastructure and medical equipment to cancer hospitals, 5) conducting scientific and research activities, and 6) running educational and awareness campaigns. Most activities were on financial and non-financial supports. Five charities reported their movement on BC prevention.  Conclusion:  Most charities did not document their prevention programs and did not follow an organized screening program. Training and capacity building is needed to support the cancer NGOs for evidence-based cancer prevention program. 
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