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The Relationship between Resilience and Mindfulness with Psychological Strength in Cancer Patients: The Mediating Role of Self-Compassion


The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between resilience and mindfulness with psychological strength mediated by self- compassion in cancer patients. The method of this research is descriptive and the correlational research design is structural equation modeling. The statistical population in this study included cancer patients in 1399 who were selected by purposive sampling.  The sample consisted of 200 cancer patients (male and female) referred to the Oncology Clinical Center of Imam Hossein Hospital in Tehran. To collect data from the Freiburg, Suez et al. (2011) Short Form of Mindfulness Mind Scale, the Resilience Scale Form (Wagtild Wiang 2009), and the Compassion Scale Form (Reese et al. Et al., 2011), and Klaf (2002) Mental Strength Scale were use. Bootstrap method was used to analyze the intermediate relationships. The results showed that the direct effect of resilience and mindfulness on self-compassion was significant with coefficients of (0.18), (0.21). The direct effect of mindfulness on psychological strength, (0.10) was not significant, but the direct effect of resilience on psychological strength (0.089) was significant. The indirect effects of resilience and mindfulness on psychological strength with mediating role of self- compassion were significant respectively with coefficients (0.13) and (0.39).The results of the research have practical implications for health professionals and psychologists and it can be concluded that self-control through self-compassion has an effect on the emotional well-being of cancer patients.  
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Keywords: Resilience, mindfulness, self-compassion, mental strength.

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