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Patterns of Male Breast Cancer over Three Decades: A Single Institutional Findings


Introduction: Male breast cancer (MBC) accounts for around 1% of all breast cancers. However, the incidence & patterns of MBC varies in different parts of world. Due to rarity of its occurrence, very few literatures are available regarding its peculiarities. Material & Methods: A total of 119-patients of MBC were included in this retrospective analysis, who were registered in a single regional cancer center of India over 30 years’ period from 1991 to 2020. Data of all patients were collected to evaluate the spectrum and patterns of MBC with respect to presentation, distribution and clinic-pathological characteristics. Results: Total 119-patients of MBC were registered in this time period. Median age of presentation was 59 years. Right to left ratio was 1.25:1, which indicated that both sided breast was equally affected. Most of the patients (68.1%) presented late in disease course with locally advanced or metastatic lesions. Majority of breast lesion was central or retro-areolar in location and infiltrating ductal carcinoma histology was found in more than 90% patients. Estrogen and progesterone receptor positivity were seen in 42.9% and 29.4% patients, respectively. Most common metastatic site was bone. Conclusion: Our data regarding MBC patients matched closely with existing literature. However, it is seen MBC patients presented to oncologists in locally advanced stage; either because of shyness of unaddressed health education. Emphasis should be given in prospective studies to gather more knowledge about demography and pattern of this rare yet sprouting malignancy.
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