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Translation, Adaptation and Reliability of Persian-McGill Pain Questionnaire (P-MPQ) in Iranian Cancer Patients


Introduction: McGill pain questionnaire (MPQ) is the most useful standard tools for pain assessment. Due to cultural differences, the questionnaire has been translated into several languages. We aimed to translate and adapt MPQ into Persian language and assess its reliability in Iranian cancer patients.Methods: The MPQ was translated by translation-base method with preserving the original structure. Subsequently we used Persian McGill Pain Questionnaire (P-MPQ) and interviewed 84 patients and repeated the interview after 24 hours in 30 patients.Results: Alpha coefficient of questionnaire (n=84) was 0.85 and the stability coefficient (n=30) in all areas (sensory, emotional, and other assessment) were more than 0.8. Stability coefficient was significant and reliable for all the MPQ subclasses.Conclusions: Adaptation and reliability of Persian-McGill Pain Questionnaire (P-MPQ) are enough for epidemiologic studies of chronic pain in cancer patients in Iran.

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