Health- Oriented Lifestyle of cancer patients and the affecting factors in Iran: A case study of the cancer patients in Kerman city

  • Soodeh Maghsoodi Assistant Professor in social science department , Shahid Bahonar university of kerman
Keywords: health-oriented, Kerman, Lifestyle, patients


The present research aims to describe the status of a health-oriented lifestyle among people afflicted with different types of cancer. The data of the present research were collected using questionnaire and the research sample size was 200 patients. The stratified random sampling method was used to select cancer patients in several private clinics and the two government hospitals. The findings showed that the patients were quite far from a health-oriented lifestyle and none of the health-oriented lifestyle indicators (physical activity, environment health, stress management, etc.) was at a reasonable level among them. According to Chi-square test, all aspects of health (health status, narcotic drug use, physical awareness, stress management, accountability for one’s health and physical activity), except the environment health significantly correlated with health-oriented lifestyle among the cancer patients. Generally, among these components, a healthy nutrition was more associated with the health-oriented lifestyle.


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